Sunday, June 29, 2008

Small world

Me in Taiwan

They say that it's a small world, but you just think it is something they say until something happens to make you realize that yes it is a small world.
We went to church and everyone was SOOO nice. We were even invited over to dinner after church and got a second invitation for Monday night. :) Really nice. I felt like I shook a billion hands and introduced myself a billion times. It became a small world when we started chatting with people. Our Bishop introduced himself and after we told him we were from Salt lake he said he went to East high. Another lady asked us where we were from and this is the conversation.

RS President: Where y'all from?
US: Utah
RS President: but where?
US: Salt Lake
RS President: But where in Salt Lake?
US: The Avenues
RS President: But Where in the Avenues
US: 3rd and I
RS President: I grew up on and M.

weird huh?
This other Lady (sister shirt) came up and was chatting with us. Collin was explaining what we were doing and that we would be going to China. She said she went to Taiwan and taught English. Yah... we taught at the same school but I taught 2 years before her.
again weird huh?


Anna said...

so why is it called aanother blog instead of another blog. just wondering.
i'm very jealous of all your fun adventures.
Love the web cam!!

grandma blair said...

So glad everyone was so nice.
This great big world is getting smaller all the time.

Michelle said...

so it's at the top of my links :)