Sunday, July 13, 2008

1st Movie

So this evening we took Delilah to her first movie, Hancock. I was soooo nervous taking her. She just starred at the screen until she passed out. She didn't cry, fuss, or make any noise at all and she didn't wake up until the movie was over. She was such a good little girl.
I still have so many firsts to do with her that I am nervous about. Like the pool, I know she loves playing in the tub but I am still nervous about the pool. I talked to the doctor about sunblock and he said it's okay if she wears it before six months as long as I wash it off when we get back from the pool and if we don't do it everyday. I have bought the little swimmer diapers, and the tear free 50 SPF baby sunblock. I just need to get brave. Oh ... the movie was good :) it was nice I haven't been to a movie (obviously) in a long time.


Anna said...

we laughed so hard at this movie. I really liked it. :) make sure you take pictures at the pool. you'll have to do it as a family first

grandma blair said...

Yea!! for going to a Movie, and how sweet is your little Miss Delilah, I am glad she was so good. You guys are so lucky. David & Graydon worked on Skype again, hopefully it will work better now.
We are taking Andrew & Lindy home tomorrow, but maybe we can still call before they leave.

Misty and The Choatester said...

I heard so many bad reviews about this movie, but I still really want to see it!

That is so great that Delilah did so well in the movie. I bet it is scary being brave at first. Little babies FREAK ME OUT! I can start playing with them at around 9 months, but before that I just admire them from afar. I can totally see myself being nervous about everything as well! Be brave...I know you're doing a wonderful job with her, she always looks so happy =)