Monday, July 7, 2008


So I am going to blame two things.
1. the new altitude level I am at, and 2. the stupid electric stove (I've only used gas). I don't think I have ever burnt cookies this bad, and they just flattened. We couldn't even scrape them off the pan. The sad thing was had guests over and I told them I would make cookies. "here you go, burnt cow pies. ENJOY!" I was embarrassed.


Max said...

So sorry about your cookies. Did your guests suggest anything to help with the altitude? What is it there anyway? So glad you had people over. How are you doing, besides the cookie thing? Love ya Mom

Anna said...

that's hilarious!!!! Love the burnt cookies. just soak em in milk. :)

Max said...

Your worst cooking is better than one of your relative's best(not your mom, but close)!!