Friday, July 4, 2008


I was tagged by my sister anna...

Okay here are the rules: You link back to the person who tagged you, Post the rules on your blog, Share six unimportant things about yourself & tag six random people at the end of your entry. Enjoy the result!

1. When I make a dish for potluck events I always keep an eye on my dish and see if people are saying anything about it, or eating it. I feel seriously victorious when I take an empty dish home.

2. I know alot about paper... alot. It comes with working in a copy center for 3 years. I also am really good at clearing jams. Sometimes when I am somewhere and their copier starts acting up I want to take over and get it working for them... but then I would be a weirdo wouldn't I?

3. I love watching game shows not those reality ones but the old school ones like family feud, The newlywed show, and cash cab(not old school, but good). I like the ones where they have to answer trivia questions and really don't care for shows like deal or no deal. Oh but I did like fear factor.

4. I can listen to the same CD for months. It would drive the people I work with CRAZY. I had this one coworker Mike, he would say "Come on Michelle lets take a break from Death Cab for Cutie." I was on a six month kick with them.

5. I have never broken a bone but, unfortunately I have given two concussions, fractured a pinkie in two places, sprained an ankle, tore ligaments in a hand that required surgery and a few others, all to other people. I did them during powder puff in high school, a sumo wrestling during an assembly, and a trampoline incident.

6. I like the smell of cigarette smoke. I know it is bad.

I tag Mom, Janay (you are double tagged), Collin, Suzy (did you find this blog yet), Aunt Marilyn, and, Cindy's sister Chris :).


Max said...

You will have to help me come up with these random things. It might take me a while to think about it. I loved all of yours.This is mom, not Dad

Misty and The Choatester said...

Michelle, I totally got addicted to second hand smoke in Europe. I used to walk around and breath in deep when someone was smoking. I totally understand! LOL So bad!