Monday, August 25, 2008

2 months

Well we have made it two months here in South Carolina. The newest things that have happened are.....
Collin: Has finished five classes now and has received A's for all the classes he has got his grades back for. He has made a bazillion friends from all over the world. He has become one of 7 ambassadors (1 of 3 from the first years) for the Moore school of business. This means that he will be working with the recruiting office and attending a lot of fancy-smancy dinners and events. He is becoming the best Sunday school teacher in the world (thanks to cookies Michelle makes that he takes each week). He has become the official cockroach and spider killer in our family and he is getting better and better at killing them. We don't get to see him very much but we know that he is working super hard.
Michelle: has been working on being a better cook. I have been trying new recipes that Collin gets to try. I have gotten such compliments as... "Hum... this tastes better than I thought it would." thanks Collin. I have recently started reading some books on parenting trying to make Delilah the healthiest happiest baby in the world. I babysat some adorable little boys for two weeks. I also have been working on my photography.
Delilah: Is still as adorable as ever, and is becoming such a little girl. Each landmark makes me so happy. I will report more about her on her blog on her 5 month birthday.


Cindy said...

Congrats on your 2 month mark! Sounds like you're all doing so well. And thanks for my text message today. That was nice of you! I had a fun day:)

grandma blair said...

Sounds like South Carolina has really grown on you guys. Congratulations Collin on your A's, you are doing great. Michelle you will have to try out some of your recipies on us when you come in December. I love the way Delilah looks in your 2 month picture, like do we have to do this NOW?!!
You are a cute family.

Hurtado Family said...

how did we miss these details when we were web cam chatting the other day?

Thanks to your blog, I can still catch up and we dont even need to talk.