Wednesday, August 27, 2008

High School Tag

I was tagged by Anna and since I'm a sucker for a tag....
Senior picture same pose in the two different
pictures, that photographer was so creative
don't you think?
1. Did you date someone from your school? My sophomore and Junior year.
2. What kind of car did you drive? Okay… So I learned to drive on a red topaz, then moved to a Subaru station wagon, then blue rabbit that was older than me, then a ISUZU pick up. The Station wagon was the only one that wasn’t a diesel or a stick .. but you still had to drive it with two feet b/c if you took your foot completely off the gas it would die.
3. What was the most embarrassing moment of high school? Wasn’t all of high school embarrassing? I would routinely do stupid things with my friends like take this for instance we dressed up in prom best to go shove ourselves into a photo booth at K-Mart in Clearfield.

4. Were you a party animal? In the beginning I liked to go to parties and was pretty social, towards the end of High School I mellowed out and didn’t go to as many parties.

5. Were you considered a flirt? I don’t think so it depended on the setting. With people I knew not really with strangers YES, especially at wrestling meets when I knew I wouldn't see the guys again. The wrestling team had a nick name for me ... lets just say it was a kind of tease.
6. Were you in band, orchestra, or choir?
7. Were you a nerd? No
8. Were you on any varsity teams? Does powder puff count? I was on the field the entire game both offensive and defensive, and both special teams…. They called me the Viking. Don't I look HOT!!!

9. Did you get suspended /expelled? No I was an angel, really an angel.
10. Can you still sing the fight song? Of course who can’t…except Anna.
11. Who were your favorite teachers? I didn’t really have one I did enjoy Harward I learned a lot from her, and when I wasn’t in her class anymore Ann and I would prank her a bunch.
12. Where did you sit during lunch? Whoever’s house we went to that day

14. School mascot? DART or the Dart man
15. Did you go to Homecoming and who with?
Yes the boyfriend at the time.

this is the dress I wore

16. If you could go back and do it again, would you? No I am happy to put that behind me.
17. What do you remember most about graduation?
It was long and boring and I was looking forward to the after party… Oh and I remember it was really hot in those robes.

18. Where did you go senior skip day? I don’t remember what we did, but I remember I was with Erik and we got hit by a sophomore.
19. Were you in any clubs?
Key club, and the class committees
20. Have you gained some weight since then? Here is what I looked like in high school… you make your judgments and keep them to your selves thank you very much.

21. Who was your prom date? I went to prom twice and both times were with guys named Bryce.
22. Are you planning on going to your 10 year reunion? Um… depends on what country we live in and what I look like.
23. Looking back, what advice would you give yourself? Have more fun, I think I was too concerned with growing up fast.
I tag … Ann (since it is about High school,) Mom, Aunt Marilyn oh and you two ladies should try to dig up some pictures I know we would ALL LOVE to see them.


Collin Shaw said...

Don't know about you Michelle, but I never even learned the school song

Michelle said...

am I a nerd? You guys know it...
Dear old davis high schoool, we'll fight for you we'll fight for davis.
we're up to stuff we never never ever bluff against the ones from davis none can succeed three cheers for davis are D! H! S!
Really? am I the only one?

Anna said...

so sad. :) Loved the sumo pix. Mom knows the song. I'm sure the boys do too. :)

Cindy said...

I remember it too Michelle! Now that you wrote out the words for me. :) Pretty pictures!

Le said...

You were in high school when I met you. Nice pictures!

Ann said...

Um, this brought back so many memories! I LOVE the pictures!

I'll see what I can do about the tag...most of all my pictures are in storage though, so I'll have to see what I can come up with.