Saturday, August 23, 2008


In Utah when mushrooms come up it is one of my favorite things to kick them. I love the way they snap at the stems.

With Hurricane Fae we have been getting alot of rain lately, With the rain comes these wonderful mushrooms. We have that big sliding glass door in our front room, if I open the blinds I literally can watch the mushrooms grow.

Don't you just want to kick them? Some times I don't get out their to kick them in time. The squirrels can beat me to them. But it is cute to watch them eat them, almost as satisfying as kicking them.... almost.


grandma blair said...

That is so funny that you like to kick them. I like to just look at the Mushrooms and see the intricacy
of them. There was one on the path we like to walk on that grew inside of a tree trunk, it was so large that you wondered if it was a part of the trunk. Hope you stay safe with the Hurricane in the south.
Are there a lot of squirrels there?

Michelle said...

There are TONS of squirrels around here. It's like camping.