Friday, September 19, 2008


Oh delicious sandwich cookies. I bet you want to reach through the screen and devour don't you.

Here is the Lemon Lemon Lemon cookie it's like a mountain of lemony delight but with out the light part.

Oh my dear companion chocolate what would I do with out you and your friend vanilla frosting.

Posted by PicasaEven the cookies can't resist getting in on this delicious action. Chocolate always was a little handsy though.

Sandwich cookies aka cake mix cookies:

1 cake mix (I usually use lemon or chocolate)

1 stick of margarine or butter MELTED

1 egg

Mix together and bake 350 for 10 ish minutes.

Frosting: (you can use your favorite frosting recipe or a lot of people like to use cream cheese frosting. But if you want that “oreo” taste. Use this recipe

1 Cup vegetable shortening

1 teaspoon vanilla (If you want lemon frosting I add lemon extract in addition to vanilla)

4 Cups powder sugar

Milk to consistency

With electric whisk whip shortening and vanilla until it is pretty J you know white and fluffy then add powder sugar and milk until it is a delicious consistency.


Collin Shaw said...

Those look like professional pictures, I am very impressed. They should be on food network.

grandma blair said...

You will have to make some of those for us when you come. they look delicious!

Trint and Misty said...

k those look really yummy! I hope you have a BLAST with your family!

Suzy said...

You should be a food photographer. Or maybe I just need a better camera...

I'm sorry Delilah had such a hard time with her infection. I can't imagine watching my child suffer like that even if it was the best thing for her. You're a good mom, Michelle. Are you in UT now???