Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Dress

This dress has a story it is in fact the first baby item we got. In 2006 I went to DC to visit my sister Janay. While there I stopped in at H&M to do a little shopping for myself. I saw this dress and fell in love, I knew I wanted it but felt dumb buying it for a hypothetical child. I carried it around the store for a long time trying to decide if I would get it or not. I eventually decided not to get it. After I got back to Janay's I immediately regretted it.
A few weeks later I was home and needed to buy a baby shower present for my friend Laura, my mind quickly went back to the H&M dress. I looked all over the internet for it but it was no where to be found so I settled for an adorable old navy outfit. When I gave it to her I told hr about the beautiful dress I had missed out on. She looked at me and said "one second" then left the room and came back with THE DRESS. Someone had already given her it!! She told me that she would give it to me when her little girl grew out of it. YEA!! I was so excited.
A few weeks went by and Collin and I visited Laura. She told me she had something for me... IT WAS THE DRESS!!! Someone had given her another dress in the EXACT same size, so the second one was for me.
I was so excited!!! I knew that the dress was meant to be mine. Collin told me that I had jinxed us and that we would have a boy because I had it. I told him it was a sign that we would have a girl because she was destined to wear this dress. I guess I was right. A few months later we started trying to get our little girl to fill her dress. Almost two years exactly from when I first saw the destined dress, our destined girl joined our family and don't you think that that dress was made for her?


Cindy said...

Oooh she looks adorable. Glad you finally got "your dress"!! Cool story.

VJBlair said...

She looks great in it. I lover her dimple.

Trint and Misty said...

It is so cute! It is totally your style. I love it. What a fun story, what a beautiful baby!

grandma blair said...

I can't believe she is already in that dress, I remember that story, She is so darn cute, I love her smile and her giggles. The dress looks awesome on her!

Brittney said...

write a book!

rusted sun said...

It looks like Laura is keeping a lot future mother's hopes up and quite a few little girls in cute clothes. We had Laura's "hoping for a baby outfit" in our closet for over a year before I even got pregnant.

Your little girl is so cute. our little ones have red hair too (although they don't have much of it just yet).