Monday, September 15, 2008

Football ... it's a way of life.

So in SC football is to say a way of life would be an understatement. Everyone loves football and everyone watches the games, and everyone wears the logo tees while sitting in their football chair and pulling drinks out of their football cooler and getting drunker than a sailor. When Collin came her a little under a year ago a taxi driver told him about the importance of football in the south this is how he stated it. "Football is so important, you had better make sure your wife knows that, because the men get drunk and the ladies dress up and that is just how it is." We laughed at this and thought nothing of it until Collins first game.
Now Collin has been trying to go to a football game for a while but in order to give the student tickets out fairly it is kinda like a lottery system and Collin was SOO excited when he finally got his ticket, other wise he would of had to have paid 40 bucks to go to the game or in other words watch it at home.
I had a ward activity I needed to go to because I am the activity chair person... I will blog about that shortly. So I dropped him off for the tailgating and the game. The game started at 3:30 and the tail gating started at um... the night before.
I now understand why no one got excited about the fourth of July because football dwarfs it. Once we got with in about 5 miles of the stadium traffic started slowing and getting congested. The streets were full of people wearing their colors and just like the taxi guy had told us the men were drunk and the ladies were dressed up.
Okay so this was a rivalry game so it got a little more hype than most but holy crap. People had rented RV's and Buses to take to the game. Parking was TWENTY FIVE DOLLARS!!! There was a limo in front of us that had Georgia logos all over it (that is who we were playing). Because traffic was so slow people on the streets could have conversations with people waiting in their cars. We honestly saw an old dude climb out the sunroof of the limo to high five a twenty something guy who was drunk on the street. I dropped Collin off and he was I am sure he was in heaven.This is the stadium and they are currently working on expanding it.

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grandma blair said...

That is an amazing story, I can't imagine people getting that excited about getting drunk and a football game. Go figure!