Thursday, September 18, 2008

a little girls sleep habits

like the bald spot?
So I did a very hard thing today. I finally let Delilah cry herself to sleep. [ I know all of you seasoned moms are rolling your eyes right now, but it was hard to let her just cry in there] I have got her to the point where if she is asleep and she wakes up when I am laying her down she normally will look at me roll on her side and fall back to sleep. But I wanted to try to get her on a better system where she falls asleep in her crib. I have been reading this one book about healthy sleep habits for children anyway..... She was almost asleep in my arms so I thought "okay lets try this" I had decided I would give her 20 minutes, she fell asleep in 17. Such a good baby :) She fell asleep even faster for her afternoon nap. This is a picture of how I found her all snuggled up to her blanket. I couldn't get a view from that angle but trust me she was so very cute.
I wish I could say the same about when I put her to bed for the night but she SCREAMMMMED and when I finally went in to get her after 15 minutes she was doing the short little breaths and having a difficult time crying. She clung on to me like she was saying "Don't ever leave me again mom!" poor little girl. I have such a hard time when she gets so upset.


Cindy said...

What a cute sleepy angel :)
20 minutes is so long to hear your poor baby scream. I wonder if those authors have kids sometimes. Mayzie will usually cry as soon as I lay her down, but after I leave the room and shut the door she stops. I can deal with that. :)

Brandt said...

I hated having to do this! But it is so nice to hear your baby calm down and go to sleep all by themselves. And don't worry, I'm not rolling my eyes. This is still hard for me to do!