Monday, September 22, 2008

Long sad day

***WARNING super long and no pictures.

It all started Friday afternoon when I was getting Delilah out of her car seat. She felt warm; I thought that it must just be because it is hot outside. I brought her inside and let her take her nap in just a diaper when she woke up again she was hot I took her temperature and it was 101 so I gave her some Tylenol. We cooked and played and she seemed in a good mood with the occasional wine but she was still hot. Later that night Collin, Delilah and I went to a ward members for dinner. Delilah slept in my arms for a while. I noticed that I was starting to sweat where she was laying on me, she was super hot. When she woke up we took her temperature again and she was 101.8 I gave her some more Tylenol and left their house. I had to pack for Utah so Collin held her and gave her tons of snuggles and love until she fell asleep. When Collin and I went to bed we decided to let her sleep in bed with us so I could keep an eye on her temperature because It was now 102.3 and she had had her third dose of Tylenol for the day.

I woke up at 5:50 to a sad sad girl who happened to be on fire. I gave her Tylenol and checked her temperature it was 103. Now begins the “what do we do” stage. Collin and I discussed back and forth if we should giver her a cool bath, if we should take her somewhere, if we should call someone, or if we just keep doing what we were doing. With the thoughts that we Delilah and I were going to be getting on a plane in six hours we decided she should see a doctor, and since we didn’t know where an instacare was we took her to the Emergency Room.

This is where the sadest day of my daughters life begins. We checked and saw a nurse and were put in a room where Delilah was given a gown to wear. The Doctor came in and was chatting with us and told us that he would have to run some tests but he would try to get us out of the ER on time to make our flight. I won’t go into how the nurses and other assistance were rude because the kindness of the doctor out weights the impoliteness of the others. The first thing they did was a urine sample. When they told me that that was something they needed I asked “and how do you get that?” They have to use a catheter my poor little girls troubles begin. They held her down and got the urine with her screaming screaming screaming. The next test was a blood culture, two nurses working on each wrist trying to find a vein big enough for them to start an IV. I cowered in the corner while collin comforted her. The nurses were having a really hard time finding a vein because Delilah’s wrists are well…. A little on the chunky side. I looked over at my daughter from across the room with her arms spread out a tourniquet on each one turning her little arms and hands blue while the nurses thumped them looking for a vein and then the needles came out. This is when Collin looked up at me and said “you need to do this” I knew he was right and rushed to my daughter, I put my face next to hers and hummed her favorite tune while my tears fell on her face.

The nurses didn’t get the vein or the IV in at that point, they called the lab to come and do it, while we were waiting for that a kind nurse from radiology came and got us for Delilah’s X-rays. Collin took her in to do them, he told me she was really good for it and didn’t even cry when he put her on the table.

I got her back and we went back to her room where the lab came to do a heel prick for the blood work. If this blood test came back good she wouldn’t need a blood culture. Delilah hates heel pricks. By this time she was exhausted from being up for so long and from crying. During this procedure she laid on her sided crying with her eyes closed and a death grip on my fingers. The looks she gave me when her eyes were open were “why? Why are you letting them do this to me mom?” I felt so bad. The blood work came back suggesting that she has an infection so they did need to do a blood culture so the nurses came in and worked on the other wrist. I had been praying all morning and at this point I held Delilah tight and prayed that they would find her vein and that they could get what they needed. They did, first try. They left us alone for a few minutes and I held Delilah and gave her as much love as I could. The doctor had been checking in periodically and informing us on what was going on. Delilah just needed two more shots, then wait twenty minutes to see if she had a reaction then we could leave. Two nurses came in to tag team her with the anti biotic, which didn’t make Delilah happy at all. Then a temperature was taken again. 104. It was worse, I didn’t want to go to Utah any more I just wanted to take my baby girl back home and mother her, because I am her mother and that is what I should be doing not trying to catch some stupid flight. After twenty minutes they told us we could go after they took her temperature again 102. Not bad… not good but not bad.

We left after receiving paper work and instructions on what we should do once we get to Utah for the follow up care, and best wishes on our flight and we were off.

Delilah fell asleep once we got her in the car, poor thing. We got to the airport, said our good byes and we were off to Utah. The flights weren’t that bad she was sad and wined but not that much. She slept off and on and was in a fairly good mood considering. And then it happened in about a half hour Delilah filled her pants and threw up all over me. I don’t mean spit up I mean throw up. I felt so bad, what do you do you are in the air, surrounded by strangers and covered in throw up and diarrhea. I am just proud I didn't break down and cry. Nice vacation eh?

It wasn’t the best day for either of us and we are just happy it is behind us. Delilah is feeling much better now that we have landed and gotten some sleep. Poor girl.


Cindy said...

Oh, man Michelle. That was too sad to read. I am so glad your horrible day finally ended. That was a rough one for both of you! I have learned that I really don't enjoy taking my sick kids to the doctor either. Sometimes it's more torture than just living through the sickness. :(
But glad she's doing much better and it was fun to see the both of you yesterday!

grandma blair said...

You are a good mom, I am sure that was a horrible experience. I am glad that you are both here, and she is feeling better.