Monday, September 15, 2008

New plates

I needed to get our car registered.
Day 1
I went to “
Tire Kingdom” a sister company of “big o” to get our oil changed. When I was giving the keys to the mechanic I asked if they did Safety and emissions so I could get my car registered. The mechanic looked at me and said ..
“We don’t do that here”

“Oh where can I get that done?”

“No… we don’t do that in South Carolina.”

So this one sentence immediately explained why Collin and I see cars driving on the road that you only see in 1970’s movies. Also we have noticed that there are more broken down cars on the side of the road than I have ever seen in Utah. It isn’t uncommon to see 3 abandoned on the side of the road in a 2 or 3 mile stretch of freeway.

The oil change took longer than expected and Delilah was spent (flirting with mechanics is tough work) so we had to pick up the car registration the following day.


I went to the DMV only to find out that I went to the wrong DMV and I needed to go to the SC Administration building pay a property tax, switch our Allstate to a local branch, make sure I had a city bill with our names and current address to verify that we indeed do live in SC, all of this had to be done before I could get new plates. I had already gone to a few other places and sweet little Delilah was once again spent and wanted to go home.

Day 3

The next day I started early and went to the administration building first, where I paid a $198 property tax for our car. I got a cute baby discount, well that is what I am assuming it was after the lady drooled over Delilah for what seemed like FOREVER.

Then I went to Allstate where a very nice man switched our account over for us. I had talked to him before I went in so he had it all ready for us to pick up when I got there.

Delilah was starting to shut down again but I decided that we could make one more stop. The dreaded DMV! I had got online and had all of the paper work already filled out and ready to go. I got there took a number and waited. The nice lady with wiry white curls sticking out of her chin took my applications, my $89 and with a smug glance gave me a lovely license plate that looks like this. I think it matches the car well. and I am pretty sure Delilah is happy she isn't getting taken to government buildings anymore.


Cindy said...

Man that all sounds like a big pain! Glad it's all done for now. Not as many babies around in SC as in Utah I take it? At least she's a supercute companion to haul around with you everywhere. :)

Suzy said...

"Wiry white curls... sticking out of her chin!!!!" Simply comedy gold! I don't know if you meant it that way, but it was funny.

Thanks for commenting on my new do. Mom and Luka like it (as I knew they would). No one has made a negative comment, except I cut myself some bangs and my mom asks my sister how she like them. "Um, they seem a little uneven," she says. Hey! It was the first day. You gotta give those hairs some time to adjust. They're straight as can be today, I swear.

And I think you should try a drastic change with your locks. What about platinum blonde? I think it could work. Someone told me blondes shouldn't color their hair because it's so rare (like redheads too), but I think everyone needs a change every once in a while. Women with minority hair colors have rights too!