Monday, September 15, 2008

Stake activity

Our stake was putting on a cultural appreciation activity that they do each year. Each ward in the stake is in charge of a country and needs to have a table that educates everyone on it. Each ward also needs to do a short presentation about their country. Our ward was in charge of Italy. I have to really artsy people for my committee and they were coming up with a LOT of creative ideas but we only had two weeks so they just did one of them that was a huge hit shown below, this is actually my bishop and his wife.The activity started at six, and Collin was getting a ride to the church right after the game so he should have been there no later than seven we were thinking. I got there, put Delilah in her sling and set up the table and got ready for the activity. I had set up the night before so I didn't need to do much so I only showed up about 15 minutes early in Utah that would mean I would be the only one there right? yah not so here, there were already like 50 0r 60 people already there wandering around looking at our tables and chatting... it was weird. Anyway so the activity got started, we were the first ward to present and I being the only one there from the committee presented. I did a power point (I need to get my money out of college right?) the presentations were suppose to be 3-8 minutes no more than 10. My presentation was about 5 minutes. I did a little Italy looks like a boot and is located in Europe, then I had a sister from the ward tell a few short stories about the church in Italy (she served her mission there). Then the next ward got up their presentation was a little longer than ours. Then the next ward got up their presentation was a little longer than the previous one and so on and so on. One lady rambled in a super quiet voice about Hong Kong for 30 minutes (that’s right I timed her!!) Delilah was fortunately asleep for this. Needless to say what was suppose to be 40 minutes was an hour and a half. At this point Delilah started getting fussy. I texted Collin to get an update and come to find out, everyone he was with that was going to give him a ride home was piss drunk!!! So he was stranded. In the next half hour Delilah went from fussy to BLAAAHHHHHHH!! She has never cried that hard and for that long EVER. I couldn't do anything to comfort her. There were about 400 people at the event and with the presentations being loud I think she had had enough. I couldn't do anything but leave. I felt bad like I was abandoning my activity; I had to have the 1st counselor in our bishopric take pictures of people behind the backdrop and clean up for me. He was super nice and kept telling me "you need to go, I have six kids ... you need to take her home". So here I am feeling guilty for leaving, a daughter screaming like i just cut off her foot and a stranded husband. I got Delilah in the car and started bawling with her, what else could I do? and it made me feel better. I went and picked up Collin from a Wendy’s and went home feeling defeated.... and that is how my first activity went. Hopefully the next one is a little better.

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grandma blair said...

The thing you need to remember about this activity is that you did everything you were supposed to right. You had your background, you did your presentation in the right amount of time and you took pictures for as long as you could. Hopefully you will not feel defeated any more, you are amazing and you did a great job. And your most important job was to go home and take care of Delilah. So Hurray!! you did everything right. Love ya