Monday, September 8, 2008

VIntage 2

A while ago Cindy posted this photo on her blog (I hope you don't mind me stealing it). The instant I saw it I thought of this picture I guess it doesn't matter what decade or century you grow up in. Kids like water.
From Left to right: Michelle, Julie, Anna, Rand, Janay
I believe we are in Aunt Marilyn's back yard
This is when Janay and I still looked like twins. I remember mom making us wear stupid shirts over our swimsuits so we didn't get burned. stupid shirts.... thanks mom I would do the same thing.


grandma blair said...

how fun to compare the two, I am glad you agree with your mom, even though it took you becoming a mom to do it.

Suzy said...

Oh, "Can we play in the sprinklers?" I loved having contests jumping through them and setting the sprinkler under the tramp. Good memories.

Speaking of water: Yes, I did drink from that Belgradian fountain. The water in the basin where the pigeon was drinking was brown because some girl had just dumped old coffee in it, but the unadulterated water was really clean and tasty. That wasn't just tap water. It was spring water. And best of all, it was free in the scorching Serbian heat.

Anna said...

i like how low my suit is.