Thursday, October 16, 2008


Sometimes in life one needs to be “flexible”, and we as a family are currently practicing our flexibility. For over a year now we have been planning to travel to China as part of Collins IMBA, but… as of late there are a few things that have persuaded us to examine our options again.

1. We didn’t have Delilah in our lives when we were planning to go to China, well she was in my belly but not in our arms. Now that we have her here and she is very much a part of our life and very much part of the reason for reexamining our decision to go to China.

2. China is recently experiencing a problem with their food, in the form of a DEADLY chemical found in children’s products.

3. The current economic situation.

These three factors among several others are the reasons that we have decided to switch educational tracks from Chinese to Global. The Global track is a year shorter, and we only have a three month internship. This is all really new as it only became official on Tuesday but we are trying to be excited and not disappointed. We feel like this is the best decision right now for our family and we are going to be “flexible” and enjoy the ride.


Anna said...

yeah for not going to china!!! :)

grandma blair said...

you guys will do great in what ever you choose to do. I am so glad you will not be going to China. We will be happy for where ever you go.