Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Guessing game

So we were going to go to the state fair tonight but we got rained out. So disappointed. So instead I was messing around with the camera and thought I would take some pictures around the house practicing with the different settings on the camera and I got this snap shot.
So what do you think it is? I will give you a guess it's in my house. winner gets a high five!!


Max said...

I'll guess it's a throat culture!!
Really it looks like a picture of ceiling texture.

Dave said...

I guess orange peel on the wall (wall texture).

Dave said...

Oh, plus I bet it would be a real treat going to a SC state fair! You should go.. take your camera and take pictures of the "interesting" people there..

Michelle said...

Yah we were going to take tons of pictures when we do go to the fair. It should be interesting. :)
"Get out of line, it's worth it"-Jeff foxworthy

grandma blair said...

I am with both Dad & David, it is either the ceiling or the wall. Have fun at the fair.