Wednesday, November 12, 2008


For those who know me, know that I don't like to ask for advice. I like to figure thing out on my own. Now that I have Delilah I have found myself calling my sisters a little more often asking for advice than I ever would. I have entered the "I don't want to screw up my daughter" phase so I keep looking for validation in what I am doing.
Delilah is now 7 months old and seems to be getting smarter and smarter everyday. I am taking this as a sign that I need to do more stimulating things for her so she can learn more. I came across this the other day and was considering purchasing a DVD.
There are mixed reviews online about it. I really don't like the idea of her watching that much TV at how young she is, so I was thinking flash cards. But does that make me one of those nerd moms, trying to hard to make her child brilliant?
Anyway.... I am asking for advice one this one, well not so much your "advice" but your opinion.
Oh and I have started window shopping for Delilah's next carseat so if you have any advice on that it would appreciated too. :)


graydonblair said...

"I really don't like the idea of her watching that much TV at how young she is..."

Oh, just wait until you have 3. The TV makes a WONDERFUL distraction. Especially Baby Einstein, or some other inspirational kids show.

We used to think the same thing when we just had Emily, but, after 3, man, the TV rocks!

Emily, Josh, & Laurie all LOVED the Baby Einstein series...

But, if you're up for flash cards, enjoy the fun (she'll probably enjoy eating them, slobbering on them, grabbing at them...."Mmmm....cardboard!")

...sorry, couldn't resist.

grandma blair said...

Graydon's comment made me laugh
You shouldn't worry so much about it. She will be just fine. That advertisement is really pretty amazing though.

Max said...

The most important thing you can do for her development is to love each other. She will sense this and will also feel loved. This will give her the confidence to learn. She's smart. She'll get everything else she needs to know from watching the Simpsons and NFL.

Le said...

It looks really cool but I can't help thinking she would just be learning a million sight words instead of real fundamentals of reading (letter sounds and vowel rules) that she will need in the future to really read.

I would follow Anna's lead and try sign language if you are really looking for more stimulation that would be useful. Give her a way to communicate besides those adorable eyes.

Sorry, long opinion.

Anna said...

when I was a nanny I was supposed to do flash cards with the baby. Doesn't work, and was a little frustrating and both of us hated it. But with the 18 month old the flash cards were fun. Just to learn objects, not to read. I would think the reading thing could mess up with the later real learning to read thing.
And I concur with LeAnne. I really believe the sign language helped Lincoln to speak better. I watch old videos and he was totally communicating with me in sign. But we didn't start him on that until he was 14 months. :) So my advice/opinion: Just play. Read her books, tickle her and don't look too far ahead. She'll be grown up before you know it. I remember with Lincoln it was hard not to look ahead and think what he should be doing instead of just enjoying what he was doing in the moment.
Longest comment ever, sorry

Cindy said...

I would avoid the tv thing as long as you can. Flashcards, books and songs are all really good for baby/toddler learning language development. We started teaching Mayzie a few signs when she was almost one. She caught right on. I personally think it slows down their verbal speech but increases their ability to communicate more effectively, so happier baby and toddler. That's been my experience anyway.

red said...

You're doing just fine. Read her books as often as she'll let you. That's better than anything. We read to Michael for probably hours when he was little from the time he was born (not much to do without a car and a law student husband when it's cold out.) But Michael was incredibly verbal at a very young age. We won't talk about his social skills :) but at one he had an incredible vocabulary. Plus if you start reading to her now then when she's two she will actually sit still for you and read books. We can still sit and read to him for hours. Let me know if you need books we have a bazillion. If there was extra money (which was pretty rare) I would buy him a book every time I went to Target. Check at your library sometimes they have sales on books. Plus a lot of libraries have entire rooms of books and special sections for babies and toddlers. Michael's favorites were spongebob books!! Miss you!