Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Eggplant pasta

So I decided to try a new recipe tonight.
Um... unfortunately it didn't look exactly like the picture.
Doesn't the eggplant look like tofu, or mushrooms? It tasted okay but I hate when things turn out ugly. :(
It was nice however to get some eggplant back in our diet it has been on hiatus for a long long time. I don't think this was a good comeback for it though. :)

I can always blame it on the audience that I usually have when I am cooking. They are a lot better looking than my eggplant.


grandma blair said...

your audience is adorable, your eggplant isn't that bad looking either.

Cindy said...

Your eggplant pasta picture is right up there with hers. Kudos to you, I didn't even attempt to make it when I read her post. But I'm not actually an eggplant fan. Loved the "comments by Collin"
Does he watch "According to Jim" by chance?

Le said...

I loved that website, the step by step instructions. Even I could do that. I think you just needed to cut your eggplant a little smaller and it would have looked better.

Michelle said...

I know isn't that a great website?? I have made a bunch of things from it.
I will try to find the link for those leg warmers and post it or email it to ya Le.

Michelle said...

oh and Cindy, we don't watch according to Jim but we do watch still standing and he fits that character too.
He says a billion things like that everyday, I need to get better at writing them down because some of them are hilarious.
And just for the record he was waking me up out of love because I was taking a late sunday afternoon nap and he knew I wouldn't be able to sleep that night. :)