Wednesday, November 12, 2008

eight things

Tagged by Valerie
8 Places I like to eat:
1-Garcia's (I miss you)
3-Chinese (I don't have a favorite one just as long as it is authentic)
4-Carolina wings
5-Dairy Queen (favorite place for icecream)
6- Sonic (mmm grilled cheese)
7- applebees
8- papa johns
8 TV Shows I like to Watch:
1- Bones
2- America's funniest videos
3- the office
4- The Biggest Loser
5- Terminator
6- Law and order
7- The big bang theory
8- Pushing Daisies
8 things that happened yesterday
1-Woke up a bajillion times in the night with Delilah
2- Went to Sams to get stuff for the ward
3- picked Collin up from school
4- Watched the biggest loser
5- worked on the plans for the ward christmas party
6- Read to Delilah
7- trapped a cockroach for collin to kill when he got home(it is under the blue cup)8- cleaned
8 Things I Love about Fall:
1- Trees changing colors
2- Not to hot not to cold
3- school supplies
4- squash
5- Smell of people burning leaves
6- crisp air
7- wearing slippers
8- layering on the blankets in bed
8 Things on my Wish List:
1- No Debt
2- lose weight
3- New clothes
4-Travel the WORLD (yes the entire thing)
5- own a home
6- Collin gets an Amazing job after school
7- Delilah will never say "I hate you mom"
8- Gourmet kitchen
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all y'all


Max said...

I see you're reading Victor Frankel's book about prisoner of war camp. Let me know how it is, I've heard it's one of the greats!

Jared said...

liked your list. I'm surprised Garcia's is the number one. You'll have to tell me what you ordered there. Oh, and they all say I hate you. I don't think you can get past motherhood with out it. :)

Michelle said...

to be honest my favorite part of Garcia's are there beans mmmmmmmm. I usually get so full on beans and chips I take home 3/4 of whatever I order.

grandma blair said...

Your list was fun to read, sorry about the cockroach

red said...

It's cool to read those lists and get to know people better. Your apartment people should come spray your house if you tell them you have cockroaches. They're supposed to come spray every once in a while. Sorry those are the worst. And she will eventually hate enjoy her now while she absolutely adores everything you say and do. Snuggle her as much as you possibly can. Give her a billion kisses especially when she's sleeping (that's when I love my kids the most :) Why isn't five guys on your list :) I miss you.