Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Little time on my hands

So I have been messing with Photo Shop alot lately doing announcements, invites etc. for family members. This little project started as me just tracing Delilah's hands and it turned into a photoshop evening. I just can't get over how adorable her hands are. For those of you who know how chubby her little fingers are can sympathize with me, it was difficult to trace her hands. Yet I felt I had to what kid goes a Novemeber without making turkey's with their hands? Well not my Delilah at least :)


grandma blair said...

And what beautiful turkeys they are.
You are amazing.

Dave said...

So what would Delilah like for Christmas? (From her cousin Alyssa)

Michelle said...

um.. She really likes paper. Maybe a ream of copy paper or something ;)

Max said...

Maybe she likes writing on stuff. We found Michelle would right on anything. That is probalby why she has such cool handwriting.
One time, she had run out of stuff to write on and we caught her with a stack of paper plates and she would write on one and then get another.