Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Labor Day

On this day 26 years ago my mom and dad left 5 children at home, all of which were under the age of nine, eight days before Christmas. They left for a good reason though and that reason is me. On December 17th 1982 my mom was induced for the first time (remember the other 5 kids?). She decided to have me a week early so she could be home with her children on Christmas, and I would like to thank her for that decision.
I have always been super selfish when it comes to birthdays... well at least mine. I want it to be all about me!!! but after having Delilah and it was ONLY after having Delilah that December 17th is about two people. If my mom hadn't carried me around in her womb for 9 months while tackling the other 5 kids, if my mom hadn't gone to the hospital 26 years ago to be induced, if my mom had decided "man 5 kids is just enough", if my mom hadn't been so selfless as to give up her body, to give up her time, and to give me her love I wouldn't not be here.

26 years later and my mom is still helping me when and where ever she can. Thank you brothers and sisters for being the best brothers and sisters a #6 could ever have. Thanks dad for always being there, and of course thank you mom and Happy Labor Day!!

I love you all, thank you for 26 years of love and support


Cindy said...

Happy Birthday Michelle! Hope you got your gift. On our way driving to Bethany's preschool program this morning Dave remembered it was the 17th and that was his little sister Michelle's birthday! I was so proud of him. HOpe you have a great day.
Tomorrow my sis Crystal is having her baby Ava!

grandma blair said...

You are so sweet Michelle, I am sitting here at my desk with tears running down my face. Thankyou for your sweet message. I am so glad that I had six kids, (I always knew that there were six of you that needed to come to our home). I am hope that you have a wonderful birthday.

Max said...

There were SIX? Ummm, who am I missing?

Happy Birthday, Boopie!

Love Dad

(26 and still on the donkey!!)

Anna said...

i don't get the donkey comment

VJBlair said...

I think it means that she is the youngest and has never been "knocked off the donkey" the way an older sibling usually is.

Am I right?

graydonblair said...

Happy Birthday Booper!

Michelle used to giggle all the time when she was young. I still remember it well.

Wow! 26! Man, yer getting up there!
It's really been that long eh?

The "35 and going bald" oldest of the siblings...

graydonblair said...

However, Daniel taught Michelle what it was like to "ride on the donkey"...seeing as he never did get kicked off...


red said...

I don't know how I missed so many of your posts but this one almost made me cry. I'm still looking for the cake mix recipe :) And Mom always knew you were there. And was excited about you because you were the last :) and probably the cutest!!!