Monday, December 15, 2008

Oh Christmas Tree

As many of you know we were not planning on still being in SC during December.... so all of our Christmas decorations are in Utah in my mom's basement (thanks mom for storing stuff for us again)
Anyway we have a huge prelit tree and tons of other Christmas decorations so we don't really want to buy more. So for the bajillionth time in my life my mom saved the day.
This is a tree that my mom sent to my brothers when they were on their missions. We as a family would make ornaments with our most up to date picture for them. :) The tree lives again, and WE LOVE IT!!!!!!! I hope you all can see yourself. We love you!!! I even made sure to include Meesha.
We had to get creative with where we would put the many many presents (you guys are too nice and generous) that our family has been sending us. Delilah loves to get into pretty much anything.
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Cindy said...

What a sweet Christmas tree!

graydonblair said...

Oh my gosh! Even Meesha is on the tree eh? Now that's funny!

That tree looks great!

Anna said...

thats so cute. I love all the pirated pictures you stole. :)thats awesome that that tree is still around.

grandma blair said...

I am so glad that you like the Tree, It is fun to see how you decorated it.

Le said...

That is an adorable tree!

Angel said...

Hah! I love it.