Monday, December 22, 2008

Quirky tag

Tagged by Le.
So here are six quirky things about me.
  1. I love grilled cheese sandwiches. LOVE THEM. I like them so much I will get them instead of a burger if places offer them (you usually have to look at the kids menu) Denny's puts a tomato on it, but sonic does Texas toast and if you go during happy hour you can get a $0.85 cherry slushy with it (which is what I got about twice a week when I was pregnant). Oh and Crown burger cooks them on the same grill with the burgers so it tastes a little extra tasty.
  2. I am a terrible speller. In #1 I had to fix five words, thank heavens for spell check!! Is that quirky or just stupidity?.... don't answer that.
  3. I watch the TODAY show every morning. I keep it on in the background while doing things or eating breakfast. If Collin is home in the morning and will turn the channel b/c usually he cares more what is on TV than I do, but in this instance I will be all... " WHAT are you doing?? It's the TODAY show?? we don't turn away from the TODAY show"
  4. When I write thing out in my own handwriting it has to be perfect, if it isn't I will rewrite it. It doesn't matter what it is shopping list, to do list, note to Collin, a phone number, anything. I don't like seeing my handwriting if it is ugly. This is why most my notes to people are typed.
  5. speaking of handwriting I don't have a set handwriting. Depending on the pen I have, or the mood I am in my handwriting will vary. People at work never knew if a note was from me because my handwriting was never the same. I should scan in a sample I have several. I am always jealous of people who use the same handwriting for everything. Mine seems to change sizes and will go from print to cursive with out me even knowing.
  6. Most of you know this but I treat most everything like a competition. No one really knows that we are competing (well except Anna). I race people on the freeway sometimes, I usually win because they don't know we are racing, but still, I win. I always want the dish that I bring to potlucks to be the first one gone. (I have yet to bring home leftovers from my ward pot lucks thank you very much!!) and the one that most of you are aware of... I like to have the best present when it comes to birthdays. I love seeing it through out the year. I mainly only play this game with the nieces and nephews birthdays but I love when I win. A few honorary mentions... Lincolns Thomas the tank engine back pack and Lindy's pink princess cowgirl boots. Booo-yah!!
I tag.. anyone of course who feels they need to share their quirkyness but I would especially like to tag...... DAD, DAVID, DANIEL B., GRAYDON, and JARED. Let's see it boys!!! I know you have a little extra time right now, and I think each of you has at least one quirky feature. :)


Anna said...

very bold tagging the men. I double dare them to do it. Oh, and you are not that quirky. gosh. Too bad I win all the presents now. :)

Le said...

Lindy is out playing in the snow right now in her pink princess boots.

Collin Shaw said...

You also always squeeze the air out of the 2 liter soda bottle so that it destroys the integrity of the bottle. UGH Kills Me!

VJBlair said...

I am terrible about leaving the tv on. I have some set shows that I like to watch, but rarely sit and watch them. So they turn into background noise and I watch what I can while doing other things.