Thursday, December 4, 2008

Vintage 3

Graydon suggested we post old photos of ourselves well here you go :)
Brand New
First Christmas.....Eight days old

Blessing day
Do you remember being pushed in boxes?I think this is Yellowstone.
2 1/2 years oldI'm a penguin3rd birthdayI love my toesNEW CLOTHES for ChristmasDon't you love Daniel's shirt?I remember those pajamas, I LOVED THEM!!! (they are the ingredients of a hamburger)Lost a toothSecond grade, This is when mom thought that it would be a good idea to have an "annie" haircut. Good Idea huh?Junior High9th Grade10th grade11th gradeSenior year!!


Betsy said...

I always thought I saw a lot of Collin in Delilah, but after seeing some of those pictures I can just see what your little girl will look like a few years from now. How fun!

Anna said...

those hamburger pj's were mine first, I remember how awesome they were. :)
cool pictures

grandma blair said...

You are so beautiful and were a beautiful little baby girl. Your
Delilah looks a lot like her momma

graydonblair said...

I loved playing with those boxes!
I remember that day really well too.

I think it was a Sunday.

Man, those pictures were great!
I'll have to rummage through mine & see if I have more....


grandma blair said...

Not just a hamburger, but a BIG MAC!

Some of these pictures moisten they eyes.

Love you girls!


red said...

It was hard to have a sister like you because your hair ALWAYS looked better than mine, and your make up and your glasses. You've always been and always will be super dooper cute.

red said...

Okay so that picture of you missing a tooth,, that's the age I still picture you. For some reason I have the most and the best memories of you from this age. Also I think the picture of the baby in the box might be me because she looks EXACTLY like Violet. You were such a cute little kid. You always said really funny cute stuff. I'm glad you were my little sister. I don't think I could have lived up to being the last :)