Sunday, December 14, 2008

Ward Christmas Partry

So it was our ward Christmas party...... I won't bore you with all of the details but I will tell you the results. I was busy during the party and didn't get many pictures so here's what I did get.
This is my kitchen counter, we had a potato bar for dinner at the party. The night I washed these when I got into bed I realized my hand hurt :) it was funny.
We ate dinner then had a story read by the Bishop "A Christmas Dress for Ellen" I put the pictures from the book in a Power point and projected it on the stage so everyone could see the pictures. Thanks mom and Graydon for helping me with that.
After the presentation we decorated cookies
(same sugar cookies as these but with this frosting)
What's a Christmas party without a Pinata?... A crappy party that's what.
The view before people came, This really doesn't do it justice or tell you how exhausted I am
To end the evening.... SANTA. Oh I love that baby girl!!!!


grandma blair said...

I am so glad that your party turned out well. I know you did (all)a lot of the work for it. Your faith is being strengthened every day. Did you know we do our callings because we have Faith that we will be blessed, You are receiving so many blessing. Keep up the good work!

grandma blair said...

where did you find a candy cane pinata?

Michelle said...

Thanks mom :) I am getting more comfortable in my calling.

I got it at Party City, the other pinata was a snowman. They were ten bucks each. :)

Angel said...

Man, sounds like so much fun. I like the story idea.

Cindy said...

That is a cool pinata! Dave and I get to be on the activities committee together. It's been a fun calling so far.

Blake and Erica said...

Michelle u did a great job!! My girls had a good time beside the hole Santa thing.