Friday, January 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Dad

We love and miss you Dad! I hope you have a super duper Birthday.
I think we will have wiener boats tonight just for you.


Cindy said...

Happy Birthday Max! Hope you get to go and do something fun today.

Jared said...

Happy 75th Max! Thanks for another great year of fixing my cars and playing with your favorite grandchildren.

Anna said...

Jared is such a snot, :) thats why I married him. Happy birthday daddy.

Max said...

Thanks, Boopie.
We had a fun night. I hung out with the "boys" tonight, Lincoln, Michael, and Joshua. Mom helped me take them to Hungry Bear. The were about the only kids there, and without doubt the loudest. It was like herding cats, but it didn't matter there, because it was just people who wanted to get out of the trailer. We could barely get them to eat til they were "full" before we went and played games. We had literally only driven about 50 feet after we left when they announced they were hungry. We went and got ice cream cones then took them home to have their parents clean them up!
Afterwords, we went home and helped Sharon finish a quilt she has been trying to get done. It looks good.
I think I actually had the same shirt on in the picture, Michelle.
Thank you and love to you all, except Jared!
(Anna & Jared...who said OPPOSITES attract?)

Regina said...

So Max likes wiener boats? My mom loves wiener boats. They have been the main course may of times growing up and at our family get togethers. I wonder where they get it? It's kinda cool, if you like wiener boats.