Monday, January 19, 2009

Snow Day aka Freakin Hilarious!!!

So it never snows in SC and the forcast calls for snow overnight (a trace to 1 inch). It has been the top story all day. the newscasters are sounding nervous and scared. Like they aren't sure what is going to happen but they know it's going to be bad. Earlier in the morning they have been giving tips on staying warm and how to handle yourself in the snow. :)

I liked this forecast because it pointed out that the next days, warm sun will melt the snow watch out for the slippery roads.

They close everything in SC when it snows. Here is a link that showed everything that is closed. Churches, schools, businesses. Everything is closing down.
This happens whenever there is any storm, cars line up to get gas. Wal mart was PACKED!! I overheard a lady saying: "I have to get stuff that is easy to make in case the power goes out". I can't wait to see what happens tomorrow. I will keep you updated.


graydonblair said...

Now THAT's funny!

When I was in Oregon it snowed once on a Sunday on the coast in Astoria. Mike Monson & I (both from Clearfield) didn't think much of it.

We cleared the snow from the windshield, jumped in the car & did what any Utahn would do....we drove to church!

When we got there there wasn't a soul around & we couldn't figure out why (I gotta tell you, there wasn't much snow either...kind of like a Utah Spring First could still see green in the lawn).

Anyway, we called the Bishop to see what was going on, "Oh, Elders, It Snowed! We've canceled church!" "Well, WE'RE HERE!"

We both had the biggest laugh! We thought, "What's the big deal? So it snowed!"

Have fun with all the hysteria!

Le said...

I was talking to my friend from Arkansas the other day and she couldn't believe there was still snow on the ground. I told her to get ready for more before it all melts and she just couldn't believe it.

People do realize it's WINTER right. One episode of Sesame Street could teach them that it snows in winter.

Can't wait to see what happens tomorrow in SC.

Angel said...

I know, it's so crazy! But, did you hear about all the wrecks this morning? It's probably b/c everyone was looking at the snow in amazement!

Brandon and Kassidi Bridge said...

Michelle, your blog is so cute! Don't know if you remember us, we used to be in the SLC Ave's ward with you guys! Anyways, we have a blog too, but it's private so send me your email address ( and I'll add you!

Blake and Erica said...

Dude these people haven't seen snow until they have been back West. Isn't it funny how people think the world is going to end because it snowed? I just sit back and laugh, silly people!! :)

grandma blair said...

When I was on my mission, we were in the library in Raleigh, N.C. The librarian started running around and telling all the patrons excitedly "We're closing!" I asked why and she said even more excitedly, and a bit proudly, "It's snowing!" I remember thinking to myself "and....".
Anyway, it gets icier there than here. The humidity is so high, when the temperature drops much below freezing, everything gets ice on it. I remember one time going outside and our car looked like a glazed doughnut from the snow!
It was temping to not try to like it off!