Tuesday, January 13, 2009


We have had our car back for about a week now :) Yea!!! We missed her so much.  
She runs so well now that she has a new radiator, fan, and fan clutch. 
Oh... and remember that bulge? She has 4 new tires too. She runs so smooth. 
A special thanks to the Linders for letting us borrow their car while our car was in the shop.

Another thing, I am now in young women's. I don't think I have mentioned that on the blog since it happened. The weekend after the ward Christmas party, I was released and asked to be in the Young women's. I taught my first 
lesson on Sunday and I must say teaching teenagers is alot different than teaching children or adults. I need to work on my teaching skills. Also on Sunday we had two girls that aren't in our ward and when I stood up to teach they said.
"You're a teacher? I thought you were a teenager!"
Tonight at mutual we had a combined ward activity. I stepped into the gym and enjoyed listening to the girls form circles and chat. One girl saw me hanging on the wall and asked me if I wanted to join the circle. I politely declined.  Later I when I stepped up to get the girls organized and have an opening prayer I saw that girl ask one of the girls from my ward if I was a teacher or a Young woman. 
I'm not complaining but, don't I look 26?


Anna said...

if you lose the flip flops. :)

Matt Linder said...

Don't worry. Your age will catch up with you sooner or later...

Thanks for the super car treatment. The Honda is spoiled now.

graydonblair said...

"New radiator, fan, clutch, & tires"....
OUCH! That's gonna leave a mark!

Congrats on getting the car back though. Dontchya love cars? Spendy little buggers sometimes.

Sounds like Young Womens is going to be fun. You've already mastered the "looking like them" part....