Friday, March 20, 2009

An answer to prayer

This evening our ward had a BBQ at a park. I made my delicious corn salsa, got Delilah all cute and packed our car to go. I didn't know exactly where the park was but I knew what road it was off of so and between knowing that and with the help of my garmin I knew I could find it. So off we went, I got on the freeway and it was PACKED what normally took 7 minutes took 45. Delilah was starting to melt down and I had tried to give her everything I could find trying to entertain her. I got off the the freeway and immediately got lost because the garmin took me to the wrong park . I had no idea where I was going and couldn't figure out what way to go. I decided to drive down the road that I knew the park was off of and look on the garmin for a big green blob which in garmin language means park.
No such luck.
Delilah was now screaming like crazy, the streets were packed with cars, I didn't know where I was going and the salsa tipped over. Cool. I was getting so flustered it had been almost an hour in the car and I knew if I turned around at this point it would be another hour getting home and Delilah would not make it.
So I prayed.
I didn't know how heavenly father could help me, I had forgotten my cell phone, and even if I had a cell phone I wouldn't know anyone's number. I tried to get a lady to roll down her window so I could ask her if she knew where the park was but she just smiled at me and motioned that yes it is okay for you to pull in front of me. Nothing was working. I was at the back of a line of cars waiting for a light when I decided I could go to the Aldi (grocery store) parking lot and wait for a nice looking woman to come out to her car and ask her if she knew where the park was.
****** Meanwhile******
Sister Homewood my Relief Society president was home baking a cake for her granddaughters birthday. When she cracked her last egg only to see that it was bad. She would need to go to the store to get more to finish the last cake. She told herself she would go when the other cakes were done baking, but something said go now. . . .
****back to me****
I pulled into the Aldi parking lot and looked around for someone I could ask for help. At the exact time I pulled in Sister Homewood pulled in. When I saw her and her car I started crying. I knew she was the answer to my prayer. I rolled down my window and she did the same and I blurted out.
"where is seven oaks park"
She looked at me smiled and said "follow me"
She drove me there. I was so overcome with the emotions of the last hour and knowing that my prayer had been answered even when I lacked the faith that it would be. I showed up at the BBQ crying. :)

Thank you Sister Homewood for listening to the Spirit so you could help me get the the BBQ. I know it is something so simple but it means the world to me and has strengthened my testimony all that much more.


Collin Shaw said...

That's a great story. Good Job for Prayer.

Cindy said...

Glad you got there safe! Heavenly Father is always so mindful, no matter how simple our prayers may seem to us. :)

Anna said...

thats so sad and so cool. I'm sorry you got lost. sue garmin!!!! :)

Angel said...

That was too sad. But, I'm sure that made Homewood's day being at the right place at the right time.

red said...

Sometimes we go through things that suck so that we can learn. Unfortunately it doesn't usually make sense until it's all over. I'm sorry that you got lost but I'm really glad someone found you. You're learning some awesome stuff out there. Hang in there you're almost halfway though!! We miss you. And pray for you all the time.

Regina said...

That's so cool. It is nice to know that HF is still listening and answering our prayers.

grandma blair said...

You are so blessed Michelle, this made me cry, because I am so glad you are being looked after when you are so far away!!

Mary Lou said...

THanks for sharing that experience, it makes me feel better to know you're being watched over too.