Friday, March 27, 2009

a kinda boring week

This is Delilah watching me vacuum, she hates the vacuum.
You can see that she is concerned for my safety.
She doesn't like to be anywhere near it but has to keep a constant eye on it.

So this week has been a little boring, we have just been chilling at home alot and enjoying the nice weather. I did however try 5 new recipes this week.

  • Mashed sweet potatoes (SOoooo delicious, I could eat it every day)
  • Cornflake oven baked chicken (this is better than my other oven chicken and I used less oil because the cornflakes makes it crunchy.
  • Butternut squash curry soup (I got this recipe from Joanna in our ward, it was delicious)
  • Meatballs (but not like the kind you put in pasta more like mini meat loafs)

So besides cooking the only other thing I have been up to is trying to figure out what to do for Delilah's 1st birthday. We were thinking of having a dinner/party but I am not sure who to invite I mean.... who wants to come to a 1 year olds birthday? So my theory is to bribe them with dinner and cake ;). I have been working on the invite but haven't finished it so as soon as I have I am sure you will all get to see it.

Oh, and we also have been waiting to hear back from internship offers. This is driving us crazy. Collin had a second interview today that they would let us know by Monday if he gets it or not. We both just hate not knowing what we are doing for the next 4 months.


red said...

been there! We're praying for you guys. He's a freakin' genius you'll be fine!

Angel said...

Awww! Who wouldn't want to see her gobble up that cake...if it's anything like watching her eat Cheetos-I'm there!