Friday, March 13, 2009

Oven Fried Chicken

So.... when Anna and I decided we would compete making PB bars I thought we were going to compete with the entire dinner we were making that night. Well I was wrong but since I already had the pictures for this I figure I may as well post them. This is currently Collin's favorite dinner.

UPDATE: Instead of using all the different spices I sometimes will just use seasoning salt. Super easy!!

FYI: southern BBQ Sauce is mustard based instead of Tomoato.


graydonblair said...

These are great! You ought to put a book together of all of them. They really make it easy to see how do it.

Michelle said...

Thanks Graydon,
I really enjoy doing these posts. If anyone has any request just let me know :)

grandma blair said...

Looks delicious, but how many calories are there in that oven fried chicken? I am trying to watch my figure you know.

Michelle said...

I wouldn't count calories on these :) I'm sure it could be made a lot more figure friendly.

VJBlair said...

We made these tonight. Very good. I had to guess on the amounts and timing, but they tasted great with salsa.

Thanks for the idea.

Michelle said...

I am happy you liked it. I didn't put measurements because I honeslty don't know how much i put in. :)