Thursday, April 9, 2009

attempt at making bread

Today I made bread. looks pretty good huh? I am amazing!!!!
Well..... until you turn it to the side.
Doesn't it look like it has a mouth and wants to talk to you?
"I'm a delicious loaf of bread!! Eat me!!"
Well at least that is what I think a loaf of bread would say if it had a mouth.
So I had extra dough and only one bread pan so I decided to use my bunt pan. Well it was too small so I thought I will dump it out on a cookie sheet and have a bigger bunt bread.
Well it was a little bigger than I anticipated

don't judge me



It looked a little odd.

Yes . . . . . that is a cookie sheet, and yes that is a giant blob of bread.
Even though it looked funky it still tasted good.
especially with some butter and honey.
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Anna said...

thats probably how they used to make it before pan's were invented. could be or....:)
Nice try at making bread

red said...

I'm glad your bread wasn't perfect because when I saw that you had made beautiful wonderful homemade bread I felt pretty inadequate (not fair to you at all but it's been a bad day.) and the sesame street muppet talking bread made me feel a lot better. You're still awesome for making bread and I'm selfishly glad it wasn't exactly perfect..even though it probably tasted perfect...I'm a terrible person I know.

Cindy said...

Looks yummy anyway! I like to braid the dough. It makes it look cool!

grandma blair said...

Way to go on your bread. It looks really good. Glad it turned out for you. The more you practice the better it is going to get.