Saturday, May 2, 2009


Out of everything this boy is willing to eat... remember China?
"No Thanks, hot chocolate sometimes makes me bloated."

Sorry if this is TMI
M:"Collin where are Delilah's snacks?"
C: "um they are in the bathroom. She was crying and I had to throw them at her to make her stop."

"I forgot to take her diaper off before putting her in the tub."

You've had a pretty tough morning huh babe? (talking to Delilah)
Collin: "It's okay." (thinking I was talking to him)

"Michelle, I think I ruined the potatoes........ and the pan"

"I don't like to hold her when she is sticky."

"That's what I do I get her riled up! It's my best Dad feature."

"You were so out! I threw socks at your face and you didn't wake up; and I threw them pretty hard. "

I asked Collin if he wanted to play a game.....
"we can make home avatars."

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