Saturday, May 16, 2009


Oh Delilah Mae Delilah Mae.. never in all my life would I ever believe a little girl could make such a mess in such little time. The mess below took place in honestly just minutes. It's like someone gave her energy pills or slipped her a coke. I am not sure where she gets her energy from but it is starting to wear me out. It's a good thing she is so stinking cute. (the picture above is nothing... this girl can empty those containers in a blink of an eye)

A: her books scattered all over
B: Her new favorite thing to do, knock over the chairs. She knocks them over then pulls the pads off the bottom of the legs if we would let her.
C: This is her highchair tray, she will drag it all over the room.
D: This is my shoe from the hallway where we keep the shoes, she likes to bring them to me in case I feel the sudden urge to wear heels.
E: same as D but this is my flipflop
F: This is the bottom of our salad spinner, the strainer part I’m sure is in her room she is obsessed with it. We keep it under the sink and it is always the first thing she pulls out.
G: She has figured out where we keep her treats in the pantry and will bring random boxes hoping one of them will have something special in it for her.
H: a water bottle she pulled from under the sink.
I: The broom she pulled out of the broom closet.
J: The scale that I keep in the kitchen, not in the kitchen.
K: another small broom.
L: her walker she recently has become re-obsessed with
M: Collin’s laptop bags she LOVES.


Anna said...
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Matt Linder said...

I love the illustration. Best post EVAR. Would recommend.

Cindy said...

I second Anna. It gets worse, much worse.
But she's got those cute cheeks to keep her on your good side :)

red said...

I saw this idea about busy kids. You get a two liter bottle and put some beans in it. You can even cut them in half and tape them together (big party slide into each other.) Worth a shot. I'm sure it would only last two seconds though. she's soooo cute and busy. The pool opens soon right :)

grandma blair said...

Oh to be young again and have all the energy to handle a one year old. So glad you are doing such a great job. Yeah for the pool opening soon!!

Mary Lou said...

What a crack up. She's like a little tornado, just spinning around and leaving a path of where she's been. She's just a little sweetheart.

VJBlair said...

Oh, this made me laugh a lot. whatever you use to keep her entertained won't last very long, because they always want what they shouldn't have. Good Luck!

Brandon and Kassidi Bridge said...

I still don't understand how this happens?!