Sunday, May 24, 2009

A fire in the woods

Have I mentioned that I am in Young Women's? Well I am, and this Saturday both the YW and YM went on a hike in preparation for the Pioneer Trek they will be going on this June. The Beehive and Mia maids needed to pass off two camp cooking methods before they went to camp so we did tin foil dinner and s'mores (it's a method "roasting") So the kids lit the fire for me aka... put logs in the pit, covered them with lighter fluid and threw some matches on it. About five minutes after they left on their hike this is what the fire looked like :)
Good job guys!
I had all these tin foil dinners to cook and a cold fire.
Oh... Don't you worry, I put my time in during Young Women's and know how to rock a fire. 
Then I had to wait 2 hours until the hikers got back. hum... dee... hum hum...

When the YW & YM got back (in one piece I might add) they ate their delicious tin foil dinners and then roasted marshmallows for s'mores.
This is Melanie, or Sister Krieger, I hope she is cool with me putting this picture of her up. 
I realize this was one of my more boring posts but I was sincerely pumped I could still build a fire and keep it going for two hours.


graydonblair said...

Congrats on the fire! It looked great!

Cindy said...

Michelle you're my hero! I can't even light a match. Sad I know.

Anna said...

light a match? thats funny cindy. Um... You didn't tell them that you called your sisters and we told you how to light the fire. :)

Michelle said...

um... Anna the advice "blow on it" was very technical :)
and for the record I had already done that. :)

rachel said...

You should have called me, Michelle :) I was the unchallenged Pyroqueen of all campouts.

Pyromaniacs of the world, ignite! ;)

Angel said...

your the best michelle

James said...

Good job with the fire.

Depending on the youth, I would have left the fire as is and let them learn from the experience. That's what I do (did, currently on the TDY list) with my Scouts.