Monday, May 18, 2009


“ When President Obama met with England’s Queen Elizabeth he presented her with an iPod loaded with Broadway song, while she gave the Obamas a silver-framed photo of herself and Prince Phillip. So congratulations on having no winners in that gift exchange. When I think of things an 83 year old super rich British woman would want an Ipod is pretty far down the list, right between “bus pass” and “sneakers with wheels on the bottom,” and when I think of things a 47 year old super cool black man would want a picture of an 83 year-old superrich British lady is dead last. You both have to step it up. Obama — first DVDs for the Prime Minister and now this. I’m not saying it’s easy buying a gift for the queen. She wears the same outfit everyday and her only hobby is waving. But if you’re looking for gift ideas for foreign leaders maybe check with the state department and not Sasha and Malia. This is an audience with the Queen of England, not the third night of Hanukkah. And while we’re at it, Queen of England, a picture of yourself is not a good gift. It’s like saying, “if you liked having this quiet awkward exchange with me, imagine if it never ended.” In short, let’s remember you’re world leaders not secret santas. ”

Seth Myers, Weekend Update, SNL


grandma blair said...

That is way funny!!

Carter said...

some people don't consider obama super cool, in fact i am deeply offended by that michelle. lets keep this blog unbiased and be sensitive to others personal beliefs, even if we don't agree with them. michelle, i thought that you of all people would honor the bloggers code of ethics. i could blog about it on my blog if you need a refresher course.

red said...

oh quit whining carter. Do you need a post about not being a baby? :) You gotta love Seth Meyers!! He's just so awkwardly funny :)

Michelle said...

Dear Carter,
I would love to see your post on bloggers code of ethics.... but I'm confused I swear you were the person that repeatedly said "blogs are stupid" ... or am I wrong? In that case I feel honored you took time out of your super busy life to read my offensive post.
Excited to read your post.
Oh ... and GO OBAMA :)

Carter said...

i'm sorry i don't find obama as fascinating as you guys. as wade always says, i guess i just haven't had my obamagasm yet.

Anna said...

um. was going to comment. then read other comments and am speachless