Saturday, June 20, 2009


I have mentioned it to a few people now that I have been having reoccuring dreams. They are all a little different but each of them I have a baby boy or I'm pregnant. I have been starting to think they might mean something.

When I told my older sister Anna, this is the advice she gave to me. I thought it was good enough I might share it with others who may be in the same situation.

"Oh Michelle, You need to pray!!
You need to pray to Heavenly Father,
Pray that he will take those dreams away!!"

That's Anna 100% rational thinking :)
This is not an announcement, we are not trying to expand our family at this time. The only reassuring thing about these dreams has been that Delilah has been in them, and has the ability to fully articulate in them. Which to me means we have a while before the little baby needs to join our family.


dan said...

may all your dreams come true.
Each child came when we thought we couldn't have them and blessings followed.

Michelle said...

Oh.. Daniel.
I was over it.
I had accepted it.
and now you have raised doubt.

Collin Shaw said...

Whenever we do have another kid, I know one thing is for sure. Delilah will probably go crazy with excitement over another sibling to play with. She is already a complete Spazz. Delilah would probably think it is the greatest toy ever. But a boy would be nice.

Matt Linder said...

How cute would it be for Delilah to be a big sister and hug her baby brother with sticky plum juice fingers?

graydonblair said...

So whatchya gonna name him?

Eve said...

I love this dream. I can't wait to see a brother for little Delilah! I had a similar dream the day before I found out I was pregnant this time.

Just saying.

red said...

About six years ago I had a dream I was driving in a car and looked in the back seat. There was a little blonde boy and a little girl with red pigtails. They were sitting next to each other both in car seats and i reached back and tickled their legs. Then I had a dream I can't remember if it was before or after Michael was born but I was holding a baby that I thought was me. In my dream I was in our apartment here in Farmington. Obviously it was Violet :) Even if it's not in the near future it will probably still happen!!! Daniel thinks this all means that we're done :)

rachel said...

Well if you get pregnant in the next couple months you won't have to be superpreggers during the hottest part of the summer... just sayin'... ;)

Seriously though, there are dreams that happen to reoccur just for no reason, and then there are capital D Dreams that reoccur to help us get used to the things that they are presenting, or just get the idea through our own stubbornness :) (not that I would known anything about being excessively stubborn... ;) )

Let me know if you need any of my little boy stuff :)