Friday, June 5, 2009

Good one Michelle, Good one!

Did I ever tell you I passed out in 5th grade maturation? Well I did.
In high school I had one teacher that would say "Blair! out!" no questions asked I would stand up and leave the room while the rest of the class looked at "graphic" pictures of anatomy accidents.
In College I had to walk out of a health class because I got light headed when a six by six foot projector displayed an episiotomy.
I put off first aid 1200 because I knew the graphic stuff would make me sick, unfortunately I put it off too long and was pregnant when I took it. Yah I got wheezy all the time. In fact after my practical exam (a student shooting blood from his two broken legs and going into anaphylactic shock) I went home and threw up.
Surprisingly when I delivered Delilah I was just fine, but apparently that isn't true for all deliveries.
I was lucky enough to help my friend Rachel deliver her third born this morning. I didn't even think that I might struggle with it, I mean I did AWESOME with Delilah.
Well when the time came to push I had her leg and was helping her and holding my breath and pushing with her and then everything hit me and I got wheezy, in fact I got light headed and thought if I stood for another second I was going to faint. Awesome! here I am suppose to be helping and I'm about to faint. I tried to power through and it didn't work. Poor Rachel had to stop pushing for a minute while the nurse got me a chair to sit on. I felt so dumb, I should have known I would have struggled with it, I didn't really see "anything" when I delivered D and I was hopped up on adrenaline and drugs. Luckily Rachel only pushed twice and for a total of four minutes and Mercedes was born, a healthy 8.2 pound girl.
Sorry Rachel for my totally wimpy-ness, and congratulations on your beautiful new baby girl.


grandma blair said...

I am so sorry that happened. I know you wanted to help your friend so much. You are a good person to be there for her. Sorry!!

Eve said...

Hey, it's an awesome story for the both of you to tell! I agree that it is a different story when it's you - I didn't see anything, no mirror was offered, thank goodness!

(This time I think I'll ask for one, just out of curiosity. I'll let ya know how it goes.)

Eve said...

p.s. Mercedes is such a beautiful name. I hope they're going to call her Mercy, too. It was totally on our short list of favorite names.

rachel said...

Aw, you were great right up until the doctor told you that you would be cutting the cord. :D Even then, you certainly deserve several huzzahs for all the time you've been around to help. I still think it's hilarious that neither of us thought anything might be amiss till right at the end, even after hearing all your woozy stories!

Blake and Erica said...

U go GIRL!!!! U r a amazing friend to go and help Rachel through that. Glad to hear that you made it through :)

graydonblair said...

Must run in the family.
At the nearest sight of a needle I still get queezy. Heck, I have to go out of the room when they give Val the drugs during delivery cause that long needle they put in her back will just about make me pass out.

Mary Lou said...

Good job Michelle. Rachel is lucky to have a friend like you. What a good experience to have.

red said...

Wow!! Was it so cool being there? I would imagine it would be kind of gross looking at that stuff but it would be so special to be a part of that. And nobody can look at an episimioty without gagging...ugg.

Ginger Harvey said...

That is an AWESOME story! I LOVE hearing about people passing out during labor/delivery! For your friend's sake, I'm glad you were able to sit and pull it together! But how ironic that you have such a weak stomach for such stuff yet are going into a career field where you have to deal with it!

Okay, but really, I don't mean to make fun of you. It really is an awesome story though! You just totally perked up my very dull day!