Thursday, June 11, 2009

It's meant to be...

Let me tell you a little story about a chair. Not just any chair MY chair. My beautiful prayer, kneeling, chiropractic, ergonomic (you decide what you want to call it) chair. Now this chair has a story. I received MY chair from a cousin many many years ago, in fact I fell in love with this chair before I fell in love with my husband. It is just so... comfortable. There are so many different ways to sit on it and you never walk away feeling kinked or stiff. Oh... I love this chair.
Now, not everyone loves this chair like I do in fact many people have felt they need to mock my chair, and call it names, and sadly my husband was included in that group. He was always pushing it around the apartment saying that it was a terrible chair and always in his way. I would quickly push my beautiful chair away from him before anything violent would happen. Sometimes I wasn't fast enough and I am embarrassed to say... he kicked it. Ahhhh !!! I know it is so sad but true. Why these people feel they need to hate on my chair so much I don't know.
I do know however that I worked at the U in a position where I sat for extended amounts of time. I was never comfortable and eventually developed a nagging pain in my back. I made the difficult decision to bring my chair to work, knowing full well that the other's would mock her and might even dare I say want to hurt her like her step father had in the past. Collin was more than happy to bring her to me at work. I knew it was the right decision with in a few days my back was no longer hurting and I felt like I was able to spend more time with my chair now that she was at work than when she was at home. Sure sometimes I would come to work with her sticking out of the garbage can, while several co workers hid trying to contain their giggles, they didn't even have the decency to put her in the recycling bin. After the first few weeks at work the pranks soon slowed to her only missing once a week instead of daily. She was usually put under someone else desk as a prank to that person. :( poor chair.
When I had Delilah I went home and no longer worked at the U so my chair came home with me. I kept her out of the way and told Collin he was not allowed to hurt her anymore and that she was a member of the family and needed to be nice to her, and he was.
Then we moved to South Carolina.
I was pregnant/new mom as we were packing and preparing to move so Collin did most of the heavy lifting and moving of heavy objects. At this time we sold and threw away many things trying to downsize what we had. Collin suggested my chair. I know the NERVE of him. It took me a few weeks before I finally allowed him to put it on craigslist in an attempt to find her a good home. I took it as a sign that she needed to stay with me when no one wanted to buy her. We had decided she would make the move with us to SC.
The day came, the truck was downstairs and we started packing it up. I noticed towards the end of the day almost everything was in the truck except for what we were throwing away and my chair.
"Collin, why isn't my chair in the truck"
"Michelle, I am sorry but it isn't going to fit, we are going to have to leave it behind."
In the emotion of the day I agreed and allowed him to take it to the dumpster downstairs. I didn't want to even see her there, abandoned and unloved. I did however and said my goodbyes. The odd thing was it looked as though Collin had just FLUNG her into the dumpster, no moment of silence, no caution, no care about it. It almost looked as if he threw her with Joy!!
But it was over and we moved... and I missed her... but I got over it.
fast forward to last month. My ward had a blessing or burden party. Where everyone brings stuff that they no longer need or want and see if anyone would like their stuff. Whatever is left goes to a thrift store. It is a great idea. Because we had recently downsized everything I had nothing to bring but I wanted to support the idea so I brought some cookies and came to chat with the ladies while Collin stayed home with Delilah. I was casually talking looking at stuff, picking a random toy and flipping through cook books from the 70's when I saw her. Someone from my ward Sister Rogers to be precise brought her, well not "her" but she could have been her identical twin. It was like the cliche moment in the movies where two long lost loves see each other after way to long and they run to each other. I RAN TO HER!!! I ran to her and before anyone could say anything or lay dibs I took her and put her in my car!! No one would take her from me again. Just like Delilah's Dress my chair had somehow found her way back to me.
I was so excited and literally jumping up and down. I was so excited. On my way home I called Collin to let him know I got some good stuff and that I was excited to show him. He told me he was excited to see it :)
I brought her in, put her in the center of the room and told Collin to close his eyes. When the timing was right I said.
as I continued jumping up and down with glee
"um... can I close them again?"
I didn't even care. I am so in love with my chair and so happy she was finally able to return home he could have sworn and I wouldn't have heard it. The important thing is our family is whole again.
Oh and this is where I find Collin most days. I think she is growing on him. :)
Sorry this was such a long story, but I had to share.
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Collin Shaw said...

Yes the chair is growing on me. And yes that is me at work in my ball shorts. WONDERFUL!!

rachel said...

Welcome home, Chair! I'm sure the movie offers for this story will be rolling in soon. (Chair-ity: The True Love of Seating Story)

grandma blair said...

So glad you found your chair, Funny that Collin is finding it comfortable.

Anna said...

can I have the last ten minutes of my life back? :) You know I love ya.

graydonblair said...

That was awesome!

1RadFamily said...

hahahha, that's an awesome story!!!!!!

red said...

I'm crying...just crying now. You should send Collin to counseling. Daniel is the same way with my little table. The one I have to hide at Mom's so he won't throw out. The one Mom kept him from throwing out. I understand you...I know sometimes we have to fight. Fight for the things we love, adore, keep it up. Good for you. And isn't it amazing how going without some things makes you appreciate your special chair even more :)

Betsy said...

What a beautiful love story. I can picture you running to your chair with cheesy music playing the background.

Mary Lou said...

You are quite a story teller Michelle. I'm happy chair is back. Collin looks like he might be liking the chair a little more than he lets on. By the way, I really think it would have fit in the truck to SC.