Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Mom and Dad visit SC

My parents came out to visit and we had alot of fun.
They are two of the craziest AARP members that we know.
We went to the beach where we played in the waves and tried to keep D from eating sand. It was a ton of fun but it was exceptionally hot. ALL of us got burned, and we ALL wore 50 spf sunblock.
We did figure out how this happened, because it happened again. We smothered Delilah in sunblock and she got the same sunburn. She rubs the sunblock off from under her eyes with her chubby little fists. :) adorable but we need to figure out a way to either keep a hat on her, get her to wear sunglasses, or stop rubbing her eyes when at the beach. Luckily out of all four of us she was burnt the least.
After spending the afternoon at the beach we went to Red's for dinner. Delilah got fish and chips and LOVED them. Collin got a grouper sandwich which he said was DELICIOUS. Dad got crab legs he shared with Collin. Mom got grilled shrimp, and I got a burger. . . I'm still working on eating fish. ~~anyway while we were waiting for our food Collin said he thought he saw a dolphin. we all went out to the deck and saw a bunch of dolphins looking for scraps from the fishing boats. I had never seen a "wild" dolphin before, it was very exciting.
I know you can't really see it but there is a dolphin in this picture, it's the best picture we could get.
While Collin was working and Dad was watching Delilah (watching her eat Cheetos) Mom and I went and saw a bunch of historic homes. If you want to see more of those pictures you can HERE. It was fun, all of the homes were about 5 minutes from our apartment. It made me wish I had of gone and looked at all the historical homes in Utah while I lived in the Avenues. I guess it takes people visiting you to see the things that are in your backyard.
Thanks for coming and playing with us Mom and Dad!!

One last picture. This is Dad taking a break from packing his bags so he could give guitar hero a try.


Suz said...

Looks like it was a fun visit. I am with you on the seafood too- I would prefer a hamburger ANY day!

Anna said...

that looks like a lot of fun and I am extremely jealous of the historical tour. :)

Cindy said...

In Hawaii, the dolphins come right up alongside the boats and start jumping. It's really neat. Looks like a fun time!

Mom B said...

I'm glad you had fun with your parents. And is Max better than Carl and I on Guitar Hero? It wouldn't be hard! I get beat by a 5 year-old often!