Thursday, June 18, 2009

a night out

My parents flew out to visit us for a week. We are loving having them here, Delilah loves them, we love them, and we are just relaxing and having fun. Tonight my parents sent us out with money and strict orders to have fun and not worry about Delilah. Since we have been in SC (one year next week) we have left Delilah once. It was nice to go to a resturaunt and not be constantly trying to entertain Delilah while at the same time trying to keep an adult conversation. Collin and I went out to eat and just sat there and enjoyed ourselves. Our food took forever to get to us and we didn't even care. It was nice (and a little weird) to just sit there and talk. I realized that since our parents have been in town I have been uncharacteristicly not taking pictures. So tonight I took a picture of my plate when I was done. I had chicken, mashed potatoes, and sweet potato fries. ALL was delicious!! I will try to get some pics of my parents soon :)
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Anna said...

yeah for you guys. you should go out again while they are there. :) mmmm jealous of the food.