Monday, June 29, 2009

Stake Conference

Yesterday we had Stake Conference. Delilah was good for about 20 minutes then we had to leave the cultural hall. For some reason our stake didn't have any cry room set up. We looked in the primary room first but it was full of tables. Then we tried the Young women's room, it was empty but no chairs. So we turned the speaker on, sat on the floor and got to listen to stake conference for the first time since Delilah was born. In fact I am pretty sure I got more out of stake conference than I have the past 6 weeks of sacrament meetings. Delilah was so good playing with her toys and reading her books. Such a good Stake Conference.


Matt Linder said...

Relief Society room. Oops.

grandma blair said...

That is so awesome, I am glad she enjoyed her toys and you got to enjoy conference. I love the pony tails. such a cutie.

Lauren and Carter said...

so glad you got the pig tails to work! I looked at this picture and immediately thought "She looks just like Michelle!" Not that I knew you at that age...but that's a 'mommy's girl' picture for sure. :)