Thursday, July 9, 2009

Dinner with the Missionaries

Here in South Carolina we have had a chance to feed the missionaries quite regularly. It has been fun meeting and getting to know all the sisters and elders that come through our ward. I always try to have something different for the missionaries to eat, but doesn't everyone else try to do that? My dad served his Mission in North Carolina/Virginia and thought he would have amazing southern meals, but instead was fed spaghetti most nights. So I try really hard to come up with something we would want to eat. One time we had corn on the cob, chips, burgers, hot dogs and they were like What!! This is Awesome!!! Tonight it was Fajitas with watermelon and lemonade. I felt the the fajitas were some of my best so that was a plus, but this story isn't about my delicious fajitas, or my ability to feed 19-21 year olds in my home. No it is about my adorable daughter, who got tired of sitting at the table when she was done eating and the adults weren't. We were still chatting with the missionaries so I pulled her out of her high chair and just let her play while we finished up. Delilah disappeared for a minute and then came back with the biggest smile on her face. Delilah had gone into Collin's bathroom and with pride in her face brought me a roll of toilet paper. She handed it to me like,
"Hey, Mom I found the paper you use to wipe your bum with. Do you want to wipe your bum right now? Because if you do I have the paper right here. I found it in dad's bathroom! Isn't that Awesome? Who knew dad used toilet paper!"


I'm sure the two young men we hosted tonight are way pumped to go home and have children of their own.

Oh Delilah I love you!

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grandma blair said...

She is so darn cute.