Saturday, July 4, 2009

Our fourth of July

4th of July family photo
So compared to 4th of July's growing up, You know parades, carnivals, water fights, family, food, fireworks, Columbia South Carolina is kinda boring. It started off with Delilah not waking up until TEN!!! Thank You Delilah, you sure know how to make a holiday a holiday!! Then after pouting around for most of the morning and calling our families only to hang up with jealousy, we had to make plans of our own. We went to a friends for a BBQ which was fun, then we came home and lit off our fireworks. South Carolina does have one fourth of July advantage, they sell the good stuff. You know the stuff we use to sneak to Wyoming to get and then look casual as we pass the Utah fuzz when we cross the border. :) They just let you buy them here. It was difficult for Collin to not buy everything he has always wanted to buy since he was a little boy. We ended up getting sparklers and some other mild fire works then for Collin we got Roman Candles. When we were done lighting them all Collin said "we should have just bought a bunch of Roman Candles". He loves fireworks, but don't most men? All in all it turned out to be a decent day. To see more pictures visit D's Blog.

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Suz said...

I so know what you mean- 4ht of July in Memphis was also so boring compared to Utah- but it sounds like you guys were able to have some fun.

I love how in the picture Delilah is looking at you 2 like you are crazy! :)