Friday, August 21, 2009

Heterosexual lifemate

This is Bruno Collin's BFF, but before the wonderful term BFF was coined they called each other "heterosexual lifemates" and that is what they are. They want to grow old together, if that isn't cliche i don't know what is. When ever they have a chance to hang out they do just that "hang out" it usually includes but isn't limited to discussing: current political issues, Old times, new PS3 games, old school games they use to rock, financial investments, ethnic food, the time Collin made 4 grown men in a car suddenly need to stick all their heads out the window, and anything else that is currently interesting these two. No conversation topic would ever surprise me between these two.

Bruno and Collin's activities vary just as much as their conversation topics but there is one thing that is a MUST happen when these two boys meet and that is Bean Dip. They dump tons of stuff in a dish then heat it up and talk about how amazing they are at making bean dip the entire time. Delilah was lucky enough to be allowed to join them for the bean dip ritual while I went shopping.
Until next time Bruno.
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Blake and Erica said...

He looks like he could be his brother 2?!?!

red said...

Every dude needs a boyfriend that won't judge him for how much bean dip he eats.