Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Oh... Salt Lake

Like I said in my last post Collin and I lived in downtown Salt Lake for the first 3.5 years of our marriage. We both worked and went to school at the University of Utah, so we didn't leave downtown very often, but never got bored because there is tons to do downtown. While we were visiting Utah we had to visit some of our favorite places.
(clockwise from upper left)
  • Beautiful view from the upper aves.
  • the "sev" it was one block away from our apartment. mmm Slurpee
  • Cafe Shambala, De "freaking" licious. This is a Tibetan cafe that we could walk to on 4th ave. There are few places you can eat in Utah that have "authentic" food and this is one of them. The instant we step into this little cafe both Collin and I are back in China. This was the first "public" place we took Delilah aren't we daring? The only problem with this cafe is that we have a difficult time finding people that are willing to eat there with us.
  • This is a picture of how wide the streets are in SLC, oh and notice the sidewalks?
This is a small burger joint just outside the UofU campus. On Tuesdays they have a special, order a fry or other side item and get up to 4 burger for a buck. For some reason they also have Greek food, my dad got a gyro, I don't know about those but the burgers are Delicious and I'm not a burger person. Also see that orange stuff next the burger, FRY SAUCE. (only in Utah)
This is our old chapel in the aves. It is kinda old, 1902. I loved this church it just had more character than the other church houses I went to growing up. That stained glass window was in the primary room. there are others in the chapel of the first vision and other church items.
When I was pregnant I didn't like the charm of the wooden pews as much as before.
This is Hatch Family Chocolates located on 4th avenue in SLC. (next to cafe shambala)They have amazing chocolates, AMAZING!! They make their own chocolate and their own Carmel, my favorite thing to get is a frozen banana with Carmel then dipped in chocolate. Collin got a Carmel chocolate pretzel, mmm delicious. When we lived in the aves we would walk up there and get a sweet, especially when I was pregnant. mmmmm Carmel.Betos, I'm kind of embarrassed to say that this shack of a restaurant was on our list of places to visit. It's a greasy 24 hour Mexican food place. I refused to even get take out from them because they were so ghetto. Well luckily for me I grew up, humbled myself and enjoyed the goodness that is the "California burrito"
Ruth's diner, this is a place that we found one day while we were out for a drive. Later we found out it is actually quite a famous place to eat in SLC. It even made it on the show diners, drive inns and dives on the food network. The best thing about Ruth's are the biscuit's, they are the BEST I have ever had. Delilah liked it too. We decided to try things we had never had on their menu when we went this time. I got pecan cinnamon roll french toast, which is a pecan cinnamon roll cut in half and made into french toast. Collin got banana bread french toast.
One of our last stops was our FAVORITE PLACE EVER!! It is Mrs. Backers bakery, it's a small bakery on South Temple that has been baking since 1941.They sell individual pieces of cake iced like your own little cake each is so Delicious!! It is hard to choose just one and don't even think about sharing. We got 2 pieces of cake 2 cup cakes and a cookie for D 16 dollars later and a delicious sugar high we were officially in heaven and ready to go home.


Mary Lou said...

Michelle, you should blog professionally. I'm glad you had fun in SLC, we're so glad you guys came out - we sure miss you.

grandma blair said...

You did such a good job on this entry. It will make everyone want to try these places. What a fun way to spend your last day in Utah.

Brittney said...

im jealous, we need an avenues friends reunion ASAP

red said...

So did you guys go to all those places in one day? tee hee hee. Mmmmmm burgers and cake is there anything better? That bakery is pretty close to Daniel's work...I guess I"ll be there next time we're downtown...mmmmm.