Sunday, August 16, 2009

Utah tourists?

Before we moved to SC we lived in the Salt Lake Avenues, literally a walk away from temple square. Our last day in Utah we wanted to go downtown and see and visit all of our favorite places (post to come), but we felt kind of weird not stopping to see temple square. I mean some people wait their entire lives to see it and we casually would drive by it every day with out much thought. (In fact we always drove past it during General conference so we could watch it on NBC at our parents house, tickets can be a bit difficult to come by for locals, and we always would let others who had never been have them. ) After passing it a few times in our day we decided we should at least take pictures of it, we are Mormon after all. So here are the pictures we got.

Salt Lake Temple
Church office building

The new family history library (this is where Collin caught the bus every morning to go to work)
The conference center.
Now aren't those some professional photos?
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Collin Shaw said...

Sure do miss the avenues. What we didn't show was our favorite place to eat, which Anna hated, and our favorite Ice Cream place.

red said...

If you guys were rude drivers you would fit right in :) And there is no other Hamburger place..only 5 guys.

graydonblair said...

I especially like the car mirror in the first picture. What kind of photoshop plug in did you do to add that kind of cool effect? Also, the shadow on the windshield effect rocked!

Man, you've sure gotten good at Photoshop! Those effects were sweet!

grandma blair said...

Love the tourist shots. Come back soon to take more

Michelle said...

just like the dirty windshield effect ;)