Sunday, September 20, 2009

Last YW story honest...

Because I was released today. I'm on a record 4months as Activity chair person (released to be put into YW's) and now 9 months as 2nd counselor in Young Women's (New president was put in).
Today I spent my last week in YW's and taught my last lesson, it was on self discipline. The lesson was going shaky after getting the response to questions "I wasn't listening" and "I don't know" to the question "how would you feel if you lied to your parents". So ya lots of help from the peanut gallery.

I was closing my what I felt as a crappy lesson with a story out of the manual about a girl who wanted to sneak off and meet a boy and what her decision would be when I deciced I had had my own little experience with self discipline this week and I decided to share it with them and the response was hilarious!

The story.

As many of you know, and those who don't, Collin and I have been on a diet for the last month and a half. We have been doing so good lately but this week I went to the store hungry.
The Oreo's were Screaming my name
"Michelle, buy us!! we're on sale"
So I bought them, and if you are going to get oreo's you have to get double stuffed.
I brought them home, carefully took out two and put the others away, I can have 2 today but that is it ONLY two.
(there are 140 calories in 2 double stuffed oreo's I have been having under 2,000 calories a day on my diet, in case you wanted to count)
A hour later Delilah was napping and I needed to have lunch. Enter my BFF rationalization.
If I have another two oreo's and skimp on my lunch it will equal out, yes not a big deal just two more.
You get the picture, Rationalization and I became good friends and by the end of the day I had written off the day and ate I would guess 10 oreo's give or take a few (probably give)
I told myself that tomorrow NO OREO's!!
Well Delilah didn't sleep well that night and woke up really early, so I was grumpy and tired and weak when it came to self control, so I pulled out the Oreo's.
I knew it was going to be a bad day if I kept eating those oreo's, there would be no way I would be able to only eat a few.
A decision had to be made.
There was only one thing that could be done.

I threw them away.
(back to the class room, when I said this the young women including one of the new leaders gasped)

It was worth throwing them away to hear these women and girls throw out all the reasons I shouldn't have thrown them away.


That's wasting

You could have given them to someone!!


But you chase after a little girl every day you deserve oreo's

You were only doing it this one time

That is wasting money, just dumb

I told them that sometimes self discipline is knowing yourself and what temptations you can resist and those you can't. In the case of the ones you can't resist you need to remove the temptation from the situation or not get in the situation where you have to resist in the first place.

I don't think they will remember anything from my lesson except for the fact I threw oreo's away. Hopefully they remember why.

Oh.. Just in case you were wondering I still dropped over 2lbs this week.


graydonblair said...

This is val,

I congratulate you on dieting. I am so bad about self control that most of the time I don't even try to diet.

Keep up the good work.

Suz said...

Wow- I congratulate you on your will power to throw those Oreos away (and on the dieting- way to go!) Those things are SO tempting- I usually try not to buy them, because like you I eat like 10. :)

Daniel said...

Janay logged in as Daniel.
Thanks for sharing. I'm sure they'll remember it and that was a GREAT object lesson. I love being in YW because the lessons totally apply to what i go through every single day. You're amazing I couldn't have thrown them away. I would have just eaten the whole thing and tried again the next day. Good job on the weight loss. I sucked it up this week. Be careful they'll give you another sacry calling :)

Matt Linder said...

You are my hero. When's your trash pickup?

Betsy said...

I'm so impressed. I can NOT say no to an oreo! That is the best lesson on self-control I have ever heard. My latest obession that I can't say no to is BeJeweled. That game is killing me. Brandt and I are getting closer to your insanely high score, but not there yet.

Angel said...


grandma blair said...

You are my hero!!
got a new calling yet?

Blake and Erica said...

u make me laugh...I know those girls will miss u in YW even though they said they weren't listening...they really were :)