Thursday, September 3, 2009

Spa Night

If I told you I am serving in Young Women's would you believe me?

How about now? Theses pictures are result of a "spa night" activity.
It was a fun activity and I did tell them they could give me a makeover.
The best part was I got to flat iron some super curly virgin hair. :) It went from just below her shoulders to just below her butt. We could only get half her head done.
Speaking of young women's it is not a secret that I didn't "love" Young women's when I was a young woman, because of this I still feel like a young woman when I am at activities and at any moment I'm going to get in trouble by a leader for doing things I'm not suppose to be doing; painting my bird house wrong, inviting my boyfriend, changing the activity, leaving early, arriving late, talking constantly.... I just need to keep reminding myself that I'm the Leader and that no one will "get in trouble" when I'm there. I mean the girls are at CHURCH on a Wednesday night kudos for that! maybe I didn't get enough kudos when I was a young woman.


Lauren and Carter said...

minus the third eye and what it looked like when you closed your eyes, the make up looked really good.
You invited your boyfriend to YW? :) --WHY?

Michelle said...

Well I hated mutual so if he came I could say well if you don't want him here we will go together.
Evil little girl

red said...

Your hair looks gorgeous. Dude you're third eye blind....ha ha ha ha hah a...okay And it's because my sisters were evil :)

grandma blair said...

Oh my sweet little girl, What a mother doesn't know!!
by the way, you are beautiful!!

rachel said...

Love the third eye... FB inspired?